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R. Romagnan
A. Hamini
S. Masson


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12 Dec 2017 : Yunnan is not available

   This radio survey project is a joint effort of the Paris Observatory, the Yunnan Observatory (China), the University of Sydney (Australia), the University of Athens, the University of Ioannina and the Solar Physics Branch of the Naval Research Laboratory. The present web site is brought to you by the LESIA , UMR 8109, Observatoire de Paris-Meudon and is made possible thanks to a grant from the french Space Agency CNES.

   The primary goal of the project is to support multi-wavelength data analysis and space missions dedicated to research on solar activity and on solar-terrestrial relationships, more particularly the SOHO and STEREO missions.

This site provides daily surveys which include :
  • Radio spectra covering a large frequency range obtained by combining data sets from : Orfees (Nançay France), Yunnan (China), Culgoora (or Learmonth) (Australia), Artemis (Thermopyle, Greece), Decameter array (DAM, Nançay France), spectrographs from WIND and STEREO missions.
  • Processed Radio imaging at two frequencies and access to multi-frequency data from the Nançay Radioheliograph (NRH) providing files readable by Solar Soft.
  • Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) occurrences observed by SOHO and STEREO.