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R. Romagnan
A. Hamini
S. Masson

NRH data

This page gives you access to archive NRH data.
These files are binary files and NOT FITS files.
They should be processed with the SolarSoft NRH package to produce FITS Files.

We provide integrated quicklook files (by direct download) or high time resolution files (on request only).

If you plan to begin scientific work with them, please inform us by mail. We need a short scientific program and a list of the necessary data.

Integrated quicklook files

Quicklook NRH data (10 s time resolution) are available upon request. Since these data are extracted manually from our archive, their provision needs some time.
Download integrated quicklook files

High time resolution files

Complete NRH data (0.125 s time resolution, depending on the overall number of observing frequencies) are available upon request. The volume is about 5 Gbyte per day. Since these data are extracted manually from our archive, their provision needs some time. We advise to first use the 10 second data to identify time intervals for your more detailed study.
Request for High time resolution data



Units for visiblities amplitudes are SFU.


The data are calibrated.
In any case, the calibration may not be very accurate (approx. 10%), because of calibration errors and temperature effects.
Please take care to the fact that when you integrate the brightness on an image, you obtain a flux value which is polluted by sidelobes (can be either a biased selection of the sidelobes of the source of interest, or distant sidelobes of an other source). The integration on a whole image (that is the total flux of the sun) is more accurate.
Also take care to interferences. Usually, they make moving waves, which may have the same brightness as the quiet sun.

Integration time

Time resolution Filename
Integrated quicklook Files
(They are provided for quicklook work only.)
32 sec (before 19 APR 1999) 2iyymmdd.01
10 sec
High resolution Files 1 sec (integrated) 2dyymmdd.01
0.125 sec