If you use data from this survey, we would appreciate an acknowledgment as follows :

"We thank the radio monitoring service at LESIA (Observatoire de Paris) to provide value-added data that have been used for this study. "

We also ask an electronic copy of any publication that acknowledges the survey.

"Please add a similar acknowledgement for all instruments used for the composite spectrum, for example, "We are grateful to -name of the instrument’s institution- for giving access to the data to produce the composite spectrum"

First and last available days

First : 01 January 1997
Last : 27 May 2022
24h Waves/Swaves
First : 01 January 1997
Last : 25 May 2022
Spectral UT 00h->08h
First : 01 January 1970
Last : 25 May 2022