Solar radio spectrometer of Yunnan Observatories

Contact person: G. Gao

The metric solar radio spectrometer is located in Fuxian Solar Observatory (102°.57 E, 24°.34 N) of Yunnan Observatories (YNAO). The spectrometer includes a 11-meter meshed parabolic antenna and a digital FFT spectrometer . The working frequency range is 70-700 MHz (see Gao et al. 2014).

Parameters of YNAO metric spectrometer

Frequency range: 70-700 MHz
Antenna: 11-m meshed parabolic
Highest spectral resolution: 200 kHz
Time cadence: 80ms
Dynamic range: 72 dB (Maximum)
Recording time: 00:00-10:00 UT
Sensitivity: 1 SFU
Polarization mode: left and right circular polarization