28 October 2003 On the Disk Halpha and Radio Observations of the Flare and Coronal Mass Ejection Event

The spectrum includes an interplanetary type III burst which starts, in the low corona at decimeter wave length, a type II burst and a complex continuum.

The Halo CME seen (SOHO/LASCO)

NRH 164 MHz

NRH image at 410 MHz (11:04 UT) with the position of the Moreton wave (11:05 UT) superposed.

The evolution of the Halpha and radio emissions seen by the Meudon H ? telescope and the NRH are associated with a X17.2 flare and a halo CME. At 164 MHz, radio images show that the emission covers the whole disk of the Sun and extends as far as 1.8 Rs from the sunÕs center in a few minutes. The radio emissions, the Moreton wave seen in H ?, and the CME all show a similar temporal and spatial development and the three phenomena are likely to be related.

(Pick et al., The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 631, Issue 1, pp. L97-L100, 2005)