User Guide

The Plots-Movies page displays five surveys :

Composite surveys :

Movies from the Nancay Radioheliograph are availables with the surveys.

Each survey combines :

  • data from various spectrographs
  • display of brightness distribution projected onto the heliocentric East/West or North/South direction versus time from the Nancay Radioheligraph
  • positions of CMEs

They are organised with a "daily page" which displays survey from 00h to 08h and 08h to 16h (for the Composite and Spectral pages) or from 00h to 24h (for the 24h Waves/Swaves page) and several "zoom pages" for every hour (except for the 24h Waves/Swaves page which displays 3h long zooms).
From each survey page, you can access directly to the other surveys of the same date, NRH movies and the LASCO and STEREO CMEs pages.